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Bukhara - how it all began and what it offers...

It all started when Ines decided to find a shelf that was multifaceted. Although she knows many shelving systems, there was not one that lived up to her dreams. So, she just created her own. Ines wanted a shelf, which was simple and intuitive. It should encourage order, yet, come with a casual look rather than in the typical linear grid-structure. Furthermore, the shelf should allow for placing lamps or other electrical devices with ease. Needless to say that drilling of holes in the walls as well as back boards should be avoided in order to see the colourfully painted walls shine through. The shelf should offer sufficient space for numerous books while providing pretty spots for all the nippes that crosses your way on journeys and reminds you of all the good memories. As everything in Ines' design is focused on wellbeing, it was essential to design the shelf with balanced proportions - no matter how it is customised. All this is Bukhara..

One by one, Ines' friends expressed how much they liked her shelf. We are now happy to promote it amongst a wider crowd and herewith present Bukhara - a completely metal-free shelf.

Bukhara is situated in Uzbekistan. It was one of the most thriving and important cities along the Silk Road and known as a place of scholars and traders. Until this day, it is a meeting place for people from different cultures and of different religion and belief. It is a melting pot between Orient and Occident. Bukhara, located within a fertile oasis, is also referred to as "place of good fortune." The ancient Bukhara had a wealth of libraries and its beautiful architecture has survived. It counted as enchanting city, which surely is one of the reasons why UNESCO listed it as a world heritage site.

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